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Announcements- April 6


This summer join the community and become an intern in's 2011 Environmental Leadership Program. This is a rare opportunity for you to develop as a leader and learn many of the skills that are necessary if you want to create significant environmental changes in the future. In addition to leadership training, you will work on a number of diverse environmental projects that will help the organization and website expand, be in a team with students from other colleges, earn course credit, connect with's large network of environmental professionals, and because is still a young organization this is an opportunity to join on the ground floor of many up-and-coming initiatives. Lastly, for added flexibility, all work is done remotely so you can work from your home, campus, or anywhere else, yet you will still have very frequent contact with the management and other interns via conference calls, email, webinars, and other electronic mediums. is a national 501(c)3 non-profit organization and grassroots initiative that aims to aid and develop environmental leaders, in part, by transforming the way environmental programs, activities, and information are found on the internet. A more detailed program description, the internship application, and further information about the organization is available here:

Finally, the program is open to both undergraduate and graduate students. If you want to apply, act quickly since admission is done on a ROLLING BASIS and acceptances will begin to be mailed in February.

If you have any questions, please contact John Ullman at (410) 878 - 6485 or to get additional information.


Common symptoms may include: nausea, depression, feelings of helplessness, and increased fear of the words "polar," "ice," and "caps." While there is as yet no cure for this condition, specialist Dr. Natalie Jeremijenko, of NYU's Environmental Health Clinic, might be able to help. 
Have you recently experienced a heightened awareness of environmental concerns? 

(No time to read all this?  Check out her TED talk, she's inspiring.)
Natalie Jeremijenko, is an artist who works at the intersection of contemporary art, biochemistry, physics, neuroscience, and engineering. Her work takes the form of large-scale public art works, tangible media installations, single channel tapes, and critical writing.

She'll be at BC on April 26th.  Her evening public talk:

The coming new entertainment system ... 
(or how pleasure, health, creative production, wonder and yumminess can organize and drive environmental performance)

Will take place in Higgins 300 at 7 pm!

Dr. Jeremijenko will also host an afternoon clinic (aka workshop) to address a local environmental health concern.  You might be making and deploying AgBags, setting up a solar chimney clinical trial, or developing "howstuffismade/ howitcanchange" documentaries (see the Environmental Health Clinic XRx site for details).  Let me know if you are interested in the clinic!

Many of Jeremijenko’s works investigate our disposition toward and impact on other species and the larger ecology. Her Uphone Sparrow Report used mobile phone networks to capture live data on the vanishing populations of sparrows around New York and London, while her robotic geese encouraged human controllers to learn about, and interact with, wild geese, instead of hunting them. Jeremijenko’s large-scale public artwork OneTree is 1,000 genetically identical micro cultured Paradox Vlach clones grown with the goal of providing a “public platform for ongoing discussions around genetic engineering.” A related software component measures the C02 in a computer’s immediate microenvironment, while Stump is a printer queue virus that counts the number of pages consumed by the printer; when the equivalent of one tree’s worth of pulp has been consumed, it automatically prints out a slice of tree.

Metta Earth Leadership Training: Generation Now

Where:  Metta Earth Institute in Lincoln, VT
When:  July 11th-August 7th
Credits: You may be able to earn up to six credits through your university.
Cost: $1600 (Program tuition, meals, housing, and materials are included.)
*Alternative financial arrangements and fundraising assistance may be available.

Join us for the Metta Earth Leadership Training igniting a generation of emerging leaders to bring forth a thriving, just, and sustainable world. The Metta Earth Leadership Training is a 4-week training for college aged students that takes a holistic approach to combating the rampant environmental and social justice issues facing society today by providing young people with the knowledge, skills, and experiences to be effective leaders back in their communities. Participants will build their inner and outer leadership abilities through experiential learning opportunities in topics such as: organic farming & permaculture, ecovillage planning, wilderness quests, yoga meditation, and social change organizing.  The training will be held at the Metta Earth Institute- a learning community actively committed to balancing the contemplative lifestyle with activism in Lincoln, Vermont.
Throughout this four week course, participants will:
  •        Acquire practical skills and knowledge through hands on experiences in organic gardening, permaculture, ecovillage design, animal husbandry, natural living, foraging, whole foods cooking and preserving, and farmstead life-ways.
  • Develop transformative social change skills - storytelling, community building and organizing, authentic communication, and personal empowerment practices - to help grow and accelerate the ‘Movement of movements’ emerging in our time.
  • Deepen into your life's purpose with daily yoga meditation.
  •       Reconnect, energize, and gain new perspectives in a five day Wilderness Quest while learning to lead experiences in nature.
  •     Learn how to effectively facilitate the WakeUp experience (, one of our generation's most powerful tools for raising awareness and inspiring action.

*For more information visit :

If you are interested in attending this training, please send a letter of interest and intent to  Also, please feel free to share this opportunity with others you think may be interested!


Second Annual Communicating Science Symposium.
Next Saturday, April 9th, scientists, activists, writers, and entrepreneurs are joining us from all over the country to speak about framing science and climate change. This is a wonderful opportunity to hear and participate in discussion on how science and technology are communicated to the public and to policy makers, and issues surrounding this! This year's focus is on technological solutions to climate change and we will have a day long series of panels and discussion to answer two main questions:

- How do we ensure effective communication of science & technology between academics, the media, policymakers, and the public?
- Who is responsible for ensuring the accurate transmission of science to the public?


More information can also be found on Facebook at

The schedule:

8:00 am       Breakfast and registration

9:00 am       Start time

9:15 am       Introductory remarks by Kim Bottomly (President of Wellesley College)

9:30-11:00   Keynote speaker: Matthew Nisbet (Professor of Communications)

11:15-12:45  Panel 1 on Alternative Energies Featuring: Greg Watson: Senior Advisor for Clean Energy Technology; Tim Heidel: Research Director for MIT's "Future of the Electric Grid Study"; Michael Golay: Professor of nuclear science and engineering; Vladimir Bulovic: Professor of engineering and nanotechnology

12:45-1:30   Lunch

1:30-3:00    Workshops

3:15-4:45    Panel 2 on Communicating Science Featuring:
                        Vernon Asper: Professor of ocean and marine science
                        Wendy Hessler: Science writer at Environmental Health Services
                        Kate Plourd: Communications Manager of MA Clean Energy Center
                        Marcelo Mena: Air Quality Manager of CONAMA of Chile

4:45-5:00    Closing

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