Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Announcements April 20, 2011

Two Visiting Assistant Professor Public Lectures:

The search for a Visiting Assistant Professor in ecohydrology to be associated with the Environmental Studies Program and Earth and Environmental Sciences Department is continuing later this month. Each of the two candidates will give a public lecture on her research, and I encourage all of you to attend. Snacks will be provided at the talks.

Tuesday, April 26, noon-1 pm, Devlin 201
Dr. Christine Hatch (University of Nevada- Reno): Distributed temperature sensing (DTS) as an ecological assessment tool in stream environments

Thursday, April 28, 3-4 pm, Devlin 201
Dr. Martha Carlson Mazur (University of Michigan): Ecohydrology of a Great Lakes Coastal Wetland System: Implications for Response to Climate Change

Also— I am looking for 2-4 students to take each of the candidates to lunch. The lunch with Dr. Hatch will be 1:00-2:15 pm on April 26. The lunch with Dr. Carlson Mazur will be noon-1:30 pm on April 28. The ESP will pay for the lunches. Please let me know if you would like to participate.


Public Talk: Natalie Jeremijenko- Environmental Health Clinic

Natalie Jeremijenko, is an artist who works at the intersection of contemporary art, biochemistry, physics, neuroscience, and engineering. Her work takes the form of large-scale public art works, tangible media installations, single channel tapes, and critical writing.

She'll be at BC on April 26th.  Her evening public talk:

The coming new entertainment system ... 
(or how pleasure, health, creative production, wonder and yumminess can organize and drive environmental performance)

Will take place in Higgins 300 at 7 pm!

Dr. Jeremijenko will also host an afternoon clinic (aka workshop) to address a local environmental health concern.  You might be making and deploying AgBags, setting up a solar chimney clinical trial, or developing "howstuffismade/ howitcanchange" documentaries (see the Environmental Health Clinic XRx site for details).  Let me know if you are interested in the clinic!

Many of Jeremijenko’s works investigate our disposition toward and impact on other species and the larger ecology. Her Uphone Sparrow Report used mobile phone networks to capture live data on the vanishing populations of sparrows around New York and London, while her robotic geese encouraged human controllers to learn about, and interact with, wild geese, instead of hunting them. Jeremijenko’s large-scale public artwork OneTree is 1,000 genetically identical micro cultured Paradox Vlach clones grown with the goal of providing a “public platform for ongoing discussions around genetic engineering.” A related software component measures the C02 in a computer’s immediate microenvironment, while Stump is a printer queue virus that counts the number of pages consumed by the printer; when the equivalent of one tree’s worth of pulp has been consumed, it automatically prints out a slice of tree.


John Petroff Talk!

Devlin 201
Weds, April 27 at noon

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