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Weekly Announcements 9-27-13

Dear Environmental Studies Minors,

Please find the this week’s announcements below.

Spring Course Update
Please note the PO 531: Politics of Energy in US, Comparative and Global Perspectives will now be offered this Spring with an expanded unity on climate change.  The course will be taught by Professor David Deese.

On Campus Lectures and Forums
1.       The Emerging Alliance of Religion and Ecology – 10/17

Graduate School Opportunities
1.       Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies

On Campus Job Opportunity and Career Services
1.       Career Center Drop-Ins
2.       Massachusetts Green Career Conference – 10/3

Off-Campus Lectures, Forums, and Exhibitions
1.       Tide Mill Conference – 11/8-9
2.       Exhibition on Climate Change at the Harvard Museum of Natural History
3.       C2C National Climate Seminar at Bard – Biweekly Events

Internship Opportunities, Off Campus Jobs, Site Visits, and Travel Opportunities
1.       SEA Semester Preview – 9/29, 10/1, 10/2
2.       Winter Break Study Abroad – Caribbean Ecosystems
3.       Sustainability Intern at Massachusetts Interfaith Power and Light
4.       Green Streets Initiative Internship
5.       Job with Telephone Outreach Project for the Fund for the Public Interest
6.       Internship with Environment America
7.       Study in Belize Next Winter
8.       Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources
9.       Green Corps Environmental Training Program
10.   Environment Massachusetts


B. Kevin Brown
Graduate Assistant, Environmental Studies
Devlin 213

Fall 2013 Office Hours: Monday 9:00am-1:00pm, Tuesday 10:00am-4:00pm, Wednesday 4:00-5:00pm, and Thursday 12:00-5:00pm

Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim
THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17  |  5:30 P.M. 
The growing ecological crisis calls for the participation of the world's religious communities in recognizing the moral and spiritual implications of the diminishment of the planet's life support systems.  This talk highlights some of the remarkable work being done within religious communities around the world to bring healing and restoration to people and land.  While acknowledging the limitations of religion, it also notes the promise for ethical and spiritual transformation regarding ecological attitudes and practices.

Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim are both senior lecturers and senior research scholars at Yale University Divinity School and School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

FREE of charge and open to the public  
Please register by clicking on the Register Now button below.
Click here for more information, including directions and parking.

Sponsored by the School of Theology and Ministry
Boston College | School of Theology and Ministry
T: 617-552-6501 or 800-487-1167

Application Update
We are pleased to announce that the Fall 2014 application for admission to the Masters programs at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies is now live. You can access the application here. Please make sure to submit all of your materials no later than December 15, 2013 in order to be given full consideration for admission. 

Financial Aid Update
In order to be considered for scholarships, all applicants must submit the F&ES financial aid application by February 15, 2014. U.S. students must also submit the 2014-15 FAFSA by this deadline. Applicants who submit late or incomplete applications for financial aid will not be considered for scholarship. The financial aid application will be available in mid-October.

Anyone that submits an application for admission will also be granted access to the outside scholarship database. This is a great resource for students looking for additional scholarship support, and we strongly encourage you to look at this database before you receive your admission decision!

Admission Events
The Admissions office has been busy planning the fall recruitment schedule, and we will be traveling across both North and South America in addition to hosting on-campus events. To see if we will be coming to a location near you, please visit our admission events website. New events (including information sessions in LA, Portland Austin, and Vancouver) will be posted in the coming weeks so please make sure to check back soon!

As in the past, a representative from the Career Center (Allison Reilly) will be holding drop-in hours where students are welcome to come with questions about resumes, cover letters, internships, job search, interviews, etc. These drop-ins are open to all, but geared toward science, math, and tech students. This semester's science drop-ins will take place as follows:
  • Wednesdays from 1:30-2:30pm in Higgins
  • Thursdays from 4:30-5:30pm in Merkert
(Please note: we also have additional drop-in hours in the Career Center and online for students who have conflicts with the times above.)

5th Massachusetts Green Career Conference
Your Future in Clean Energy and Sustainability
Thursday, October 3, 2013 @ Marlborough Holiday Inn
Our first four conferences were sold out in advance.
Register @
Massachusetts Green Careers
Massachusetts has become a national leader in environmental-related job creation, most notably in energy efficiency and renewable energy.  The State is also forging ahead with “green infrastructure” solutions, land conservation, smart growth, and much more.
Deval Patrick  Governor of Massachusetts (Invited)
Kevin Doyle  Principal, Green Economy; NE Clean Energy Council, Workforce Development

Sustainability and The Green Supply Chain
Sustainability careers are on the rise.  Hear from a sustainability expert about the greening of customers and markets, and associated careers in procurement and purchasing.
Anna Escuer Product Sustainability Services Consultant, Environmental Resources Management

Agriculture:  Re-imagining the Farm and Land Care Role in the 21st Century
Learn about new farming programs, the Massachusetts Farm Employment Directory, careers/stakeholders associated with growing local and organic food, and land care.
Kathleen Carroll  Director, UMass Extension Agriculture & Green Industry Program, Amherst
Steve Verrill  Owner, Verrill Farm, Concord, MA
Margiana Petersen-Rockney  Coordinator, MA Beginning Farmer Network; Farmer, Rosasharn

Green Building Science and Careers
Many professionals and non-professionals gain by a better understanding of building science principles and sustainability.  Learn about careers and the green building industry.
Matt Anderson  Manager, Certification Development, Building Performance Institute
Guy Compagnone  Director of Sustainable Practices/LEED AP+, SFP, Chapman Construction
Grey Lee  Executive  Director, US Green Building Council, Massachusetts Chapter

Help Wanted:  Employer-Hiring Snapshots
Hear from employers.  Get the scoop on their recent hires, current openings, and future prospects.
National Grid
Next Step Living
Solar City

Materials Management:  A Complex Lifecycle
Learn about stakeholders who understand the lifecycle of materials, who work with companies and the public to reduce the negative environmental health impacts of materials that we produce, purchase and throw away.
Paul Degnan  Plant Manager, EL Harvey

Environmental Protection:  The Everyday Heroes Among Us
Environmental professionals protect air, land, and water resources.  They work on walkable and bikeable communities, resource conservation, ecological restoration, smart growth, wildlife protection, and practices that minimize environmental impacts of development in our communities.
Ken Kimmell  Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
Wendi Goldsmith  Founder and CEO, Bioengineering Group
Michele Girard  Associate Director, MA Association of Conservation Commissions

Green Career Pipelines and Internships
Real world experience prepares future workers and leaders.  Connecting students and employers is essential for a healthy workforce and sustainable development.
Dawn Chavez  Director, Boston Youth Environmental Network
Gina Parente  Education Program and Lecture Coordinator, New England Aquarium
Nicole Collins  Career Consultant and Internship Coordinator, Unity College
Michelle Waters-Ekanem  Director, Diversity & Outreach, MA Dept of Environmental Protection
Arthur Natella  Project Coordinator, Workforce Development, MA Clean Energy Center
Blake Jackson  Sustainability Practice Leader, TKA Architects; Instructor, Boston Arch. College

Green Nonprofits:  A Grassroots Approach
What are their missions?  What are typical careers in nonprofits?  What are the many benefits? Hear the success stories of nonprofits.
Audrey Schulman  President, Home Energy Efficiency Team (HEET)
DeAnne Dupont  Co-Founder, Arlington Food Recovery
Sylvia Broude  Director, Toxics Action Center
Jocelyn Forbush  VP Program Leadership, The Trustees of Reservations

Greening the Auto Industry:  Hybrid & Electric Vehicles (EV, HEV, PHEVs)
Learn about technology and careers in the green auto industry. The future of jobs in the private sector depends on well trained auto techs who have the skills to fix the new generation of electric and hybrid cars.
Craig Van Batenburg  CEO, ACDC-Auto Careers Development Center for Hybrid & Electric Cars
Nicholas Medeiros  Automotive Instructor, Greater New Bedford Voc. Technical High School

The Clean Energy Story in Massachusetts:  Policies and Careers
Why is Massachusetts one of the top clean energy states in the nation?  What’s new in clean energy careers? Learn about our need for clean energy, successful policies, and clean energy job trends in Massachusetts.
Kevin Doyle  Principal, Green Economy; NE Clean Energy Council, Workforce Development
Phil Jordan  VP, BW Research; Author, Massachusetts Clean Energy Industry (Jobs) Report

Trees and Forestry:  Embracing Green Guardianship
The benefits of trees are many (shade, clean air, aesthetics, materials).  Tree wardens, foresters, and arborists care for our New England trees challenged by storms, disease, pests, and commercial use.
Mike Downing  Service Forester, MA Department of Conservation & Recreation
Karen Doherty  Executive Director, MA Tree Wardens and Foresters Association (Invited)

Workforce Training Funds:  Resources for Businesses
Workforce and sustainable development go hand-in-hand.  The Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund provides $5K for new hires and up to $250K in training funds to businesses in Massachusetts.  Companies that seek resources to go green and train employees should check out these resources!
Mike Corcoran  Operations Supervisor, Career Services, MA Workforce Training Fund
Aybike Dognaci Crott  COO & Founding Partner, Solectria
Michael Prior  Director, Business Development, MA Manufacturing Extension Parnership

Green Chemistry:  at Work, at Home, and at School
Toxics reduction improves health.  Learn about the need for education and careers in green chemistry. These speakers are doing their bit to help us breathe easier.
Mark Rossi  Co-Director, Cleaner Production; Member, MA Toxics Use Reduction Act Committee
Ellie Goldberg  Founder, Healthy Kids

Climate Change:  In the Hot Seat
The climate is changing and so are careers.  Many careers are adapting to the needs of climate change and its future repercussions.  Some of our experts are addressing the topic head on.
Eric Walberg  Sr. Program Leader, Climate Change, Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences
Water Quality Professionals:  Enforcing the Right to Clean Water
Since the passage of the Clean Water Act in 1972, the water quality industry has bloomed in Massachusetts.  Today state-of-the-art technology, massive infrastructures and well-trained professionals manage our drinking water, monitor our water quality, and treat waste water discharged into the environment.
Ray Willis  VP, Onsite Engineering; President, MA Water Pollution Control Association
Kirsten King  Rep., NE Water Works Association; Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network

Education & Careers:  Landscape, Geography, or a Desk Job?
Teaching the next generation of green students is one thing; guiding them to the right jobs is an equally important and challenging task.  Meet professionals who connect education to green careers.
Mollie Babize  Associate Director, Conway School of Sustainable Landscape Planning & Design
Kate Cholakis  Project Designer, Green Infrastructure Planning, Nitsch Engineering Inc.
James Hayes Bohanan  Professor, Environmental Geography, Bridgewater State University

Green Entrepreneurs:  Pioneering New Ways
These are the stars among us!  Finding a solution to a perplexing problem is a common theme for successful entrepreneurs.
Wayne Davis  Co-Founder, Harvest Power
Andy Brooks  Founder, Bootstrap Compost
Samir ElKamouny  Founder, Lowell Green Bikes
Lyndsay Rose  Outreach and Marketing Manager, Green City Growers

4pm END

Our first four conferences were sold out in advance. 

Registration provides full access to the conference:  speaker sessions, keynote, exhibits, networking, roundtable discussions, coaches, breakfast, lunch, FREE book raffle, FREE parking, and FREE wifi.  
  • $75 before September 27
  • Students:  $45
  • Groups (5 or more) use promotional code GROUP for $5pp discount
Questions? Contact Conference Director, 508-481-0569

Climate Change: Our Global Experiment

Ongoing exhibit 
Developed in collaboration with the Harvard University Center for the Environment Climate Change: Our Global Experiment will help you separate truth from spin and provide a basis for making informed decisions affecting the future of our planet. The exhibit offers an insider’s look at the scientific study of climate, presenting the latest research from renowned experts at Harvard and around the world. Get the facts, draw your own conclusions, then take part in a unique computer simulation that allows you to choose a course of action and see the consequences for the planet.

C2C Fellows | National Climate Seminar
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The beginning of the semester is, for me, always a time for reflection on my purpose on the planet.  Witnessing local communities in collapse—from Syria to Detroit— it can be hard to hang on to Dr. King’s vision of a moral arc of the universe that bends, eventually, towards justice.

The picture on my mind is the literal arc of history:

The reconstructed arc of temperature is our best understanding of climate over the last 10,000 years. The entirety of human history is spanned in the arc, from the building of the first city to the I-pad. The red line is where the World Bank says we are headed, in the blink of an eye. Talk about a brick wall.

The definition of leadership we use here at Bard CEP is two-fold: taking people where they otherwise would not go, and inspiring others to lead in the same direction.

Where we are otherwise going is the top of that red line: 8 degrees F when my children are not much older than me.  Where we need to go instead is 80% reductions in emissions globally.

So what is our purpose? How do we reengage with the moral arc of the universe?  The answer is obvious: we must all lead.

Leadership requires skills that can be learned. Please help us find young people who are hungry for those skills. C2C Fellows is holding five weekend training conferences for undergrads and recent grads aspiring to sustainability leadership in business and politics.

MA (Bentley University) | October 25–27, 2013
CA   (Bay Area) | November 8–10, 2013
NY   (Bard College) | February 14-16, 2014
FL    (University of Florida) | March, 2014
IL     (Moraine Valley Community College) | April, 2014

Students can apply now. Applications are due two weeks prior to each workshop. Learn more about the benefits of becoming a Bard C2C Fellow here. Cost for the weekend trainings, including food (and lodging for those traveling more than an hour), is $30. Registration scholarships are available, and students can often apply to their student governments for travel support as well.

Next week, join us in welcoming economist Jon Koomey on The National Climate Seminar. Jon will be talking about his book Cold Cash, Cool Climate: Science-Based Advice for Ecological Entrepreneurs. The full fall schedule is below and here.

Thanks for the work you are doing.

Eban Goodstein
Director, Bard CEP & Director, Bard MBA in Sustainability

National Climate Seminar  |  Fall 2013 Schedule
Climate Seminar calls are Wednesdays at 12pm EST and held twice a month via conference call. Assign the calls to your students for a chance to hear top scientists, analysts, and political leaders discuss climate and clean energy solutions. Call in to (712) 432-3100 up to five minutes before each call starts and enter conference code 253385.  Have questions for the speakers? Email them beforehand or during the call to -  or listen in for the chance to ask them live!
Sept 4
Robert Stone
“Pandora’s Promise”
Sept 18
Jon Koomey
“Advice for Ecological Entrepreneurs”
Oct 2
Gretchen Hofmann
“Latest Research on Ocean Acidification”
Oct 16
Jeff Goodell
“Goodbye Miami”
Nov 6
Laurie Johnson
“The Social Cost of Carbon Just Doubled”
Nov 20
Jorge Madrid
“Latino Climate Leadership”
Dec 4
Josh Fox
“Gasland 2 and Beyond”

The National Climate Seminar is organized and run by Bard CEP with media partner, Island Press. And a special C2C Shoutout: check out  (and support) the Tenleytown Meat Company, a new sustainable-beef-by-bike venture started by C2C Fellow (2012) Will Mitchell. 

Boston Open Ship Events

Join us aboard the SSV Corwith Cramer to learn more SEA Semester: Environmental Studies in Woods Hole and at sea! We’re offering three Open Ship events in Boston specifically for our Boston area prospective students and academic contacts.

Walk the teak decks, handle the lines to hoist a sail, explore the living quarters, and visit the oceanographic research lab. Learn what it would be like to learn, work, and live aboard for weeks on the open ocean!

SEA Semester study abroad programs offer voyages of discovery to Europe, the Caribbean, Polynesia, and Oceania, combining the tall ship sailing experience of a lifetime with coursework for Boston University credit.

This is your last chance to see the ship until she returns from Europe in 2015, so don’t miss it! Faculty & Admissions staff will be on board to give tours and share information. All are welcome to attend!

Sunday, Sept. 29, 3pm-6pm
Tuesday, Oct. 1, 12pm-3pm
Wednesday, Oct. 2, 10am-2pm

Moakley Federal Courthouse Dock
One Courthouse Way, Boston, MA 02210

Massachusetts Interfaith Power & Light (MIPL) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a religious response to climate change by helping congregations and the public lower their carbon footprints.   We are part of a national movement active in 40 states.

The Sustainability Intern will support our CARES project (Congregations Acting to Renew Earth’s Sustainability) in Boston, Cambridge & Somerville. The focus of CARES is to help individuals take energy efficiency actions that are easy to do and will save them money. It also addresses climate justice issues – the fact that existing programs do not adequately serve lower income people and people of color.

The key tasks are outreach and advocacy.

Outreach is primarily to recruit members of congregations to obtain no-cost home energy assessments. Some outreach will be directed to inviting congregations to participate in CARES; and people to learn hands-on energy efficiency skills at 4-hour Energy Upgrade Work events. Participants will be invited to attend leadership training in a “values based” model of community organizing.

Advocacy .  The intern will help low-income people obtain eligibility under the Weatherization Assistance Program, and fuel assistance programs, and document any common obstacles to eligibility.

Required:  Self confidence; multicultural sensitivity and strong verbal skills.

Preferred:  Fluency in Spanish, Haitian Creole, Korean or another foreign language; access to a car.

Compensation: $15/hour   10-14 hours per week.  Travel and other expenses reimbursed.

Please email resumes to Vince Maraventano at: by September 20th.

Start date: October 1, 2013.

Cambridge Upper Schools’ Walk/Ride Day Project
September 2013 - June 2014

Overview of Project and Role:  This year, the Green Streets Initiative, a Cambridge-based organization, is rolling out an exciting new pilot project in the Cambridge Public Schools, aimed to increase use of sustainable transport in the Cambridge Upper (Middle) Schools.  We will be partnering on this project with the Cambridge Public Schools’ Sustainability Manager, the Cambridge Community Development Department’s Sustainability Planner, the Cambridge Public Health Department’s Let’s Move Coordinator.

Participating schools will survey students twice each month, once on a non-Walk/Ride Day and again on Walk/Ride Day, to record how students commute on “normal” days and again on Walk/Ride Days. On the day of the first survey, students will also watch an educational video in homeroom about sustainable and safe ways to commute in the city.  To provide an incentive to participate, classes and whole grades will compete against each other in an intra-school competition for the most “green commutes” on Walk/Ride Day.  The class/grade with the highest performance will be rewarded with a pizza/ice cream party. 

Here’s where the Project Manager comes in.  The Project Manager will send reminders, post flyers and promotional materials, distribute videos, and generally organize everything involved in promoting Walk/Ride Days at two Cambridge Upper Schools. He/she will also collaborate with our partners and others on special events on Walk/Ride Days.

Skills Required: The ideal Project Manager candidate will be self-motivated, flexible, and interested in promoting the benefits of car-free travel He or she will also be an excellent written and verbal communicator, able to create flyers, analyze data, give presentations, speak or write to the press, and collaborate with our partners.

Hours: Average of about six hours per week, varying week to week, assuming that the Challenge will take place in one or two of Cambridge’s four dedicated Upper (Middle) Schools.

Duties:  Here is a typical month of weekly duties (they will vary from depending on the month):
Week 1: Gather and analyze data from the previous month
Week 2: Distribute rewards, solicit feedback
Week 3: Prepare for next Walk/Ride Day, press and notices in local papers, social media
Week 4: Remind teachers, post flyers and banners, send video being watched in class to parents and teachers, remind parents. 

Credit/Pay: Green Streets does not currently have funding for this position. We are open to working with interns on a volunteer basis, for credit, or with people who may have access to other sources of funding.

To Apply: Send letter of interest in this project and resume to Director,

Green Streets Initiative, Cambridge, MA 02140  617-299-1872

Hi, my name is Claire, and I’m the assistant director of the Telephone Outreach Project for the Fund for the Public Interest. Today, I am looking to hire smart, hardworking students who want to make a difference in the world. We work with many progressive non-profit organizations, but right now our biggest campaign is with Environment Massachusetts, fighting to protect the Cape Cod National Seashore.

For the last 50 years, the national park system has helped protect the Cape Cod National Seashore. However, in recent years, Congress has cut over 10% of the parks budget, and now House leaders want to cut even more.

So Environment Massachusetts is working to protect the National Seashore by opposing these cuts.

We can stop further budget cuts if we get our senators to stand up for the Cape. So we need to hire callers immediately to mobilize the public and convince our senators that the National Seashore is worth fighting for, and that’s why I’m here today.
We are looking for students eager to join us to save the Cape, and work on some of the most progressive environmental and public interest issues of the day. We are hiring for part time positions in the evening, and you can earn up to $15/hr plus bonuses and benefits. To find out all the details on how you can join us and make a difference, you can contact me at, apply online at, or call us at 617-292-4823.

Since 1989, the Antioch Education Abroad Brazilian Ecosystems: The Protection and Management of Biodiversity program has engaged students through in-depth field studies across a variety of biomes in Brazil. This is a Fall Semester program, with a new Summer Term option (see schedule here). All students explore the flora, fauna, and ecological characteristics of the Amazon Rainforest, Atlantic Coastal Forest, and coastal marine systems, and how environmental factors contribute to species and habitat diversity. Students enrolled in the full semester program continue their studies in Brazil to include advanced studies of the impact of human activities on biodiversity and ecosystem function, a Portuguese language intensive, and an Independent Field Internship.

Unique program features:

1. Program is led by Antioch University professor Suzanne Kolb, PhD, who is assisted by Brazilian professors, research scientists, and activists, who provide local expertise on current environmental issues facing each region.

2. Fall semester students engage in a month-long field internship, working with a Brazilian scientist or NGO for individualized hands-on experience in their field of interest.

3. Students explore multiple ecosystems, allowing them to compare the ecological characteristics of each, and providing a broader understanding of ecology in Brazil.

Curriculum: The Fall Semester program offers 4 courses for 16 semester credits - Introduction to Brazilian Ecosystems; Ecology and Protective Management of  Biodiversity in Brazil; Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced PortugueseField Internship. Summer Term students enroll in Introduction to Brazilian Ecosystems for 4 semester credits. Click here to view detailed course descriptions. If you would like to review syllabi for the process of approving this program, please contact us.

Environment America interns will spend their fall semester making a big difference on critical environment issues and learning a ton, while getting the experience they need to launch a career in the environmental movement after graduation.

Read more about our internship program here. Interested candidates can complete an online application here.

Monique Sullivan
Recruitment Director
Environment America
(202) 461-2448

Are you searching for an opportunity to put your studies in environmental science or ecology to work in a field setting?   The Institute for Sustainable International Studies, ISIS, is offering ecology field courses in Belize that offer you a chance to study in the tropical English-speaking setting of Belize and gain valuable professional and personal experience.  Belize’s rich environment, cultures and biodiversity are the labs for these courses.  About 40% of the land and sea areas of Belize are set aside in protected areas, parks or reserves to protect its diverse flora and fauna. 

One student summarized his experience by saying: “The field trips were the best in the Marine Ecology class. Nothing like getting outside and experiencing first hand and being able to converse with the locals!  I learned a lot about the environments and problems in Belize and its culture and customs.”

For the syllabi and course itineraries, click on the links below:
Our two week winter session runs from December 26, 2013 to January 7, 2014, including travel days.  The cost, $2,995, includes one course, accommodations, transportation to and from the airport, field trips and excursions, breakfasts and one transcript for transferring credit.  Airfare is not included.  Students receive three (3) credits from Sacred Heart College.  The application deadline for winter is October 1st.  Our 2014 summer sessions run in June and July.   There are two week and four week programs for $2,675 and $4,225.  The application deadline is March 1st for summer 2014.  Application forms are available on the ISIS website.
The syllabus for each course is available on the ISIS website,, or by clicking the link above.  Cynthia Reece,, the Program Manager for ISIS, can respond to questions related to housing, logistics, course costs, and other details.  

The MA DOER Internship Programs seeks to provide interns with exciting opportunities to assist DOER with implementing energy policies in areas such as renewables, energy efficiency, alternative transportation, energy markets, and more.  The program is open to undergraduate students, graduate students, law school students, and other individuals who are seeking experience in the energy arena.

Green Corps is looking for college graduates who are ready to take on the biggest environmental challenges of our day.

In Green Corps’ year-long paid program, you’ll get intensive training in the skills you’ll need to make a difference in the world. You’ll get hands-on experience fighting to solve urgent environmental problems — global warming, deforestation, water pollution and many others — with groups such as Sierra Club and Food and Water Watch. And, when you graduate from Green Corps, we’ll help you find a career with one of the nation’s leading environmental and social change groups.

For more information, read below or visit our web site:

Apply online today at

Green Corps
44 Winter St, 4th Fl
Boston, MA
617 747 4302

Environment Massachusetts has a number of internship opportunities posted on their website.  For more information, please visit or contact Alison Giest, Environment Massachusetts, New England Federal Field Associate, at or 813-215-3604.