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Weekly Announcements 10/29

Dear Environmental Studies Students,

Please find this week’s announcements from the Environmental Studies Program below. 

The Environmental Studies program now has a Facebook page.  Like it today at  We promise not to flood your newsfeed with updates will but keep you informed about both the most important ESP events and relevant local, national, and global environmental news stories.

On-Campus Events and Announcements
1.       An Energy Workshop: Awareness, Engagement and Reduced Use – 11/2
2.       Pope Francis’ Initiatives: Effective Action on Environment, Hunger, and Human Rights – 11/3
3.       Invitation for BC Energy and Environment Alumni Network

Featured Spring 2016 Course Offering
1.       UNAS/ENVS 2256 – Environmental Law and Policy: Nature, Law, and Society

BC Study Abroad Course
2.       Decoding Ireland's DNA (Students receive credit for BIOL1420 - The Genetic Century), June 4 - July 3, 2016

Graduate School, Fellowship, and Outside Academic Opportunities
1.       Harvard Kennedy School: Bacon Environmental Leadership Fellowship
2.       Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
3.       Fully Funded Master’s in Human/Climate Interactions & Forecasting at Memorial University
4.       OpenIDEO Urban Resilience Challenge

Internship and Job Opportunities, Site Visits, Study Abroad Opportunities, and Travel Opportunities
1.        Winter Break Ecosystem Field Studies in the Caribbean
2.        Study in Montana next fall
3.        Solar Internship with Environment Mass
4.        Jobs with Impact
5.        Internships with Second Nature
6.        Internships with Environment Massachusetts
7.        Internship with Civic Solar
8.        Internship with Beacon Press
9.        Green Job and Internship Opening List
10.     Job Opportunities with Mass PIRG
11.     Internship with Environment America
12.     BC Career Center Updates


B. Kevin Brown
Graduate Assistant, Environmental Studies
Devlin 213

Workshop description:  an opportunity to bring together members of the BC community and student sustainability leaders to look at ways in which we can save on energy use throughout the year and during the winter energy competition.  How much energy/electricity do we use and can we really make a difference will be topics of discussion
Who is leading the Workshop: Staff from Lucid Design Group.  This company is the provider of the Lucid dashboard in use at BC.  Access to the BC dashboard:
Date:  Monday November 2nd , 4:30pm – 6:30pm.
Location: Walsh Function Room (first floor of Walsh Hall)
                        A light dinner will be provided

Pope Francis’ Initiatives: Effective Action on Environment, Hunger, and Human Rights – 11/3

How can the Vatican's initiatives on the environment and ending hunger be combined effectively? In this colloquium, Dr. Ellen Messer will address best practices in theory, theology, and action for these initiatives. She will share and update findings from an American Anthropological Association symposium in 2014, "Pope Francis and Ending Hunger: Anthropological, Sacred, and Secular Frameworks Advancing the Human Right to Food." 

Ellen Messer is an anthropologist dedicated to rooting out hunger and promoting human rights. She specializes in cross cultural perspectives on the human right to food, sustainable food systems, and cultural history of nutrition, agriculture, and food science. Dr. Messer received her PhD in ecological anthropology from the University of Michigan. She is the former director of the World Hunger Program at Brown University. She currently has faculty affiliations at Tufts University, Boston University, and Brandeis University. Dr. Messer is the co-author of Who's Hungry? and How Do We Know? Food Shortage, Poverty, and Deprivation. 

Seniors interested in writing — and publishing — brief articles about energy and environment are invited to join the BCEEAN (Boston College Energy & Environment Alumni Network) e-newlstter team: see  The newsletter reaches 700 alums (and a wide network of faculty, students, and friends of BC) three times a year: fall, winter, and spring. Articles range from 150 to 700 words.  Deadline for submitting articles for the next issue is Jan. 15, 2016.  If interested, please contact us at  We look forward to working with you!


Learn the structures of the legal process, and explore the exciting field of environmental law & policy!
UNAS-2256 / ENVS-2256
Environmental Law and Policy:
Nature, Law & Society

   * * *       Spring Semester 2016      * * *

*    Great for students interested in law, science, public health, or anyone who is looking for a fun and engaging course!
*    Learn about protection of health &natural resources, U.S. & global
*     See how individuals can use the legal system to protect
            their quality of life, property, and the environment
*    Learn about current environmental policies
and the environmental analysis that underlies them.

COURSEWORK:  topical, engaging, relevant to a broad range of career paths—science, law, business, politics, communications, engineering, advocacy, & community activism.
TEACHERS: Two-person teams of expert senior law students from BC & Harvard Law Schools supervised by Boston College Law School Professor Zygmunt Plater

NOTE: Students who do well in this course are able to enroll in actual law school elective courses during sophomore, junior & senior years. In all the world, only BC offers this!
• • •
Three sections available: Mon-Wed. 1:30; Tu-Thurs. 10:30; Tu-Thurs. 1:30

Check us out on Facebook:

Decoding Ireland's DNA (Students receive credit for BIOL1420 - The Genetic Century)
(June 4 - July 3, 2016)

This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of genetic principles and the many ways that genetics affects human history and our daily life. Since earliest times, human history has been shaped by man's manipulation of genes. A country's history is in many ways a story of changes that occur in the DNA of the people and other living organisms that inhabit its land.The small size of the summer course allows a more interactive format than is possible during the regular academic year.  In the course, we will study the principles of genetics set against the unique background of Ireland.  We will learn how information in genes produces traits, how genes are transferred between generations, how migration and selection affect the diversity of populations and about new genetic technologies that are transforming 21st century life. Course excursions and activities will provide real-life context for the principles discussed in class.
For additional information, contact Professor Clare O'Connor ( or the Office of International Programs (

Greetings Friends and Colleagues,

I am writing to ask your assistance as the Center for Public Leadership (CPL) at Harvard Kennedy School seeks to recruit its second cohort of Louis Bacon Environmental Leadership Fellows for the 2016-17 academic year. This is a game changing fellowship for applicants eager to take up the mantle of environmental leadership and foster sustainable environmental impact.

Applicants to this fellowship must:

First, apply to HKS by December 1, 2015.
Second, apply for the fellowship by February 25, 2016.

If you—or anyone interested in applying—have any questions about the fellowship, please contact me at: or 617-496-3744.

Greetings! Classes are just getting started this week for the new semester here at F&ES. It is hard to believe that we are already underway with the recruiting season.

If you are planning on coming to the New Haven area, please check out our Campus Visit program. On select Mondays, you can participate in an information session, get a tour of campus, and meet with current students. This is a great way to visit campus if you aren't able to attend one of our Open Houses. Speaking of open houses, be sure to mark your calendar to visit us on either October 30 or December 4 for one of our full day events. The preliminary October open house agenda is attached to this email (please note this agenda is a draft and is subject to change).

As always, follow us on facebookour blog and twitter. Or, you can always reach us at We hope to see you on the road or in New Haven this fall!

Danielle Dailey
Director of Enrollment Management
Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

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Three Fully Funded Masters Positions in Human/Climate Interactions & Forecasting

The Applied Climatology Lab with Memorial University’s Dept. of Geography is seeking graduate applicants for multiple MSc and MA positions. Successful candidates will research the intersection of natural and social sciences, while collaborating with partners in industry and government.  Any students with interests in weather, climate, and related impacts on society are encouraged to contact Joel Finnis ( All positions are fully funded, and students can choose from several degree options (see below).

Current graduate opportunities

Improving forecasts of Grand Banks fog (MSc; Geography, Math & Stats, or Env Sci)
Located near the intersection of the cold Labrador Current and warm Gulf Stream, the Grand Banks of Newfoundland experience frequent heavy fog events. These pose a hazard to marine workers and a significant challenge to marine forecasters.  We are seeking an MSc student with interests in weather and marine hazards to test novel approaches to improving fog forecast reliability.  The successful candidate will have a unique opportunity to work across academic, industry, and government sectors, collaborating with partners at AMEC Environment and Infrastructure and Environment Canada. Funded through the Marine Environment Observation Prediction and Response (MEOPAR) Network.   

Forecast attitudes and application in Atlantic Canada (MA; Geography, Sociology, Anthropology, or Env Sci)

Even a perfect weather forecast is only useful if it is i) efficiently communicated and ii) acted upon.  Unfortunately, a range of factors can constrain the effectiveness of forecasts for particular uses and their uptake and application. These might include (among others):  limited understanding of user needs among forecasters, problems with spatial and temporal scale, or lack of capacity to respond to forecasts. The nature and consequences of these factors likely varies between forecast users (i.e. oil and gas companies vs fish harvesters), leading to different requirements for and approaches to forecast data across stakeholder groups.  We are seeking an MA candidate with strong interpersonal skills to examine the constraints on effectiveness of weather forecasting across industry sectors, and help identify strategies for addressing these constraints. Work experience and knowledge of the marine sector would be an asset. Funded through MEOPAR; partners include SafetyNet.

Climate variability perception (MA; Geography, Community Health, or Sociology)

Climate is never constant; from year to year, the state of the climate varies from cool to warm, wet to dry, stormy to sunny.  Although these variations are a prominent aspect of research in the natural sciences, they have largely been ignored in research into social science aspects of climate change (e.g. climate change perception, or attitudes towards climate action).  The result is a limited understanding of how or when to best communicate information on variability/change; this can lead to confusing climate science communication or discussion unusual events (e.g. the ‘polar vortex’ winter of 2013/14).  Our project aims to fill this knowledge gap by assessing ways people discuss variability, and assimilate experienced variability into a broader understanding of climate change.  Two MAs will assist this research, conducting interviews and focus groups in selected research communities. Funded through SSHRC.

We’re halfway through our Ideas phase of Amplify’s Urban Resilience Challenge and very excited to have our community join the conversation on how urban slum communities can be more resilient to the effects of climate change.

We’ve received some great entries so far, and with just two weeks left, we want to hear from you and your networks: how might we use small scale infrastructure and community building projects to improve resilience? How might improved communication and water delivery systems contribute to making communities better able to withstand mounting pressures and unexpected events?

Winning ideas are eligible for a share of $800,000 in funding and design support from, and it takes just a few minutes to get started.

Let’s develop solutions that support urban slum communities as they adapt and transform to meet the challenges of climate change.

Join us by adding your idea, sharing the challenge with your networks using the buttons below or learning more about our criteria 

See you in the challenge!

The Amplify Team

Caribbean Ecosystem Field Studies
December 28, 2015 to January 16, 2016

* Study, snorkel & SCUBA dive along the Caribbean coast of Mexico *
* Gain valuable career skills in hands-on ecosystem field research *
* Earn 3 undergraduate transfer credits during winter break *
An opportunity to apply your classroom & textbook learning while
immersed in an incredible Caribbean ecosystem setting!

--  Open to students from all universities & majors --
--  Accredited by the University of Montana at Missoula Environmental Studies Program: 
ENST 391- Caribbean Ecosystem Field Studies for 3 undergraduate semester transfer credits.

For all course information visit:
Direct any further questions to Steve Johnson, Course Director at

Click to view this email in a browser

Call Montana home next fall

Spend the Fall Semester in western Montana learning how to read the landscapes, the forests, the watersheds, and the wildlife. Gain tools for community-based conservation from the people working to conserve these resources and the communities they support. Live in a small group on a historic homestead where you grow your own food, unplug, and immerse yourself in wild Montana!

Your classroom: Montana’s wild Crown of the Continent

Earn 16 UPPER-DIVISION CREDITS from August 29 – November 1, 2016!

We offer a $500 early enrollment discount for L&L applications received by February 1, 2016.
Northwest Connections
Integrating Education and Conservation in Montana's Crown of the Continent ecosystem.
P.O. Box 1309 | Swan Valley, MT 59826
406 754 3185

IMAGE CREDITS: Backpacking/Sky Orndoff; Map, Forest/Stephanie Dunn; Garden/Katie Parker; Wetland/Faith Bernstein

Solar Campaign Internships

Apply today at
Fall and spring internships available -- apply by Friday, October 2

Environment Massachusetts is building a clean and renewable future powered by the sun.

We could meet all of America’s energy needs by capturing just a sliver of the virtually limitless and pollution-free energy of the sun. And we're making a lot of progress: in Massachusetts, solar energy has grown more than 200-fold since 2006.

But we’re still getting most of our electricity from dirty fossil fuels, and powerful utility companies are threatening to stop solar in its tracks. So right now, we’re building support for a goal of getting 20% of Massachusetts' electricity from solar by 2025. In order to persuade our governor to go big on solar energy, we’ll mobilize public support, build a powerful coalition of businesses and elected officials, and get the word out in the media.

As an intern with Environment Massachusetts, you’ll push for smart solutions to environmental problems and build the public support it takes to win. You’ll make a real difference on critical issues while developing valuable skills and experience in one of the nation’s leading environmental nonprofits.

We’re hiring interns for the fall and spring semester. The deadline to apply for is Friday, October 2.

Apply today! Visit to submit your application.

Questions? Contact Ben Hellerstein:, 617-747-4368.

Jobs with Impact

Make Your Impact for Our Environment, Our Democracy and Our Future

If you are interested in joining a team of passionate people to make an impact on issues like global warming, clean water, big money’s influence over our democracy and other issues that matter to our future, consider a job with Impact.

Impact is a nonprofit that runs action campaigns. We work in states where we can win positive change for our environment, our democracy and our future.
Impact is now accepting applications to join our team in August 2016! Our early application deadline is September 27th. We also have immediate positions available.

If you aren’t looking for a full-time job, you can also make a big difference through an internship with Impact.

You can learn more and apply online.

Second Nature is currently seeking exceptional candidates for three paid internship positions:

1. Recruitment & Research Internship: focusing on tasks including partner and prospective signatories research, data analysis, market analysis, and CRM management.

2. Operations Internship: focusing on tasks including support in membership dues outreach and processing, CRM database management and data entry, daily operations and coordination tasks, and more.

3. Design and Communications Internship: focusing on tasks including design for documents and websites, website maintenance, newsletter, blog, webinar and social media support, and more.

Positions are starting in September, and require a working presence in Second Nature’s Downtown Boston offices and a time commitment varying from 10-20 hours a week (depending on candidate availability). Applications accepted on a rolling basis. 

Please share these opportunities with students that may be a good fit for this experience. For more information about the qualifications and details of each position, and to apply, visit Second Nature’s Employment Page:

BecomE an Environment Massachusetts intern

If you agree that it’s time for Massachusetts to go solar, the best thing you can do to get involved is to apply to be an Environment Massachusetts intern today. We’re looking for students who care deeply about the environment and are ready to make a difference now.

As an intern:
  • You’ll push for smart solutions to environmental problems, and build the public support it takes to win.
  • You’ll work side-by-side with one of our organizers, learning the ropes.
  • And you’ll make a real difference on critical issues, while developing valuable skills and experience in one of the nation’s leading environmental nonprofits.
And if you’re thinking you might want to make a career out of solving our greatest environmental problems, interning with Environment Massachusetts is one of the best ways to get started. You’ll get the training and experience you need, and we hire our most talented and committed interns to join our staff when they graduate.

Apply today! Visit to submit your application. Be sure to choose "Boston, MA" under "Where are you applying to intern?"

Questions? Contact Ben Hellerstein:, 617-747-4368.

CIVic solar internship
CIVIC SOLAR Fall 2015 Sales & Marketing Internship

Application Deadline: ASAP

Reports To: VP Sales

Job Responsibilities:
·         Support the sales activities of the company through keeping the content in the website uptodate, particularly product merchandising, pricing and availability of products from multiple vendors.
·         Evaluate the customers' energy needs, available space, shading issues, electrical service limitations, and aesthetic concerns to arrive at a suitable recommendation for the solar electric system size and configuration.
·         Support the sales team in designing effective solar calculators, tools, tables, charts and other platforms which will help generating revenues.
·         Support the efforts of the sales team for the sales of solar electric power systems and related products and services the company may offer.
·         Perform research and analysis on products while answering customers' technical questions and gathering reports.
·         Attend company meetings, work trade shows, attend seminars and perform other sales related functions as needed.
·         Time Commitment: 15-20 hrs/week, September – December 2015.

The successful candidate is likely to have:
·         Studying towards a degree in engineering, science, economics or equivalent majors.
·         Proven communicator—verbal and written.
·         Detail oriented with strong organizational skills.
·         Strong computer application skills including PowerPoint, Excel and MS Office.
·         Knowledge on any programming language is a plus.
·         Experience in solar PV market and projects is a plus.

All interested and qualified candidates: Please submit your cover letter and resume to with Subject Line: CivicSolar Fall Internship 2015. CivicSolar is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to a diverse and inclusive work environment.

Offered as part of the Massachusetts Clean Energy Internship Program.

Editorial Intern

Beacon Press is currently accepting applications for a fall internship position in the editorial department.

Beacon Press is an independent non-profit publisher of trade and scholarly nonfiction. We publish 50 to 60 titles a year, and specialize in women's studies; religion; Asian American, African American, Native American, and LGBTQ studies; environmental concerns; and current affairs. We are a small press committed to social justice issues and are looking for an intern who is politically aware and engaged.

Editorial interns assist by performing tasks such as internet research, reading and responding to unsolicited manuscripts, proofreading, and other various projects as they arise.

A Beacon internship can be a wonderful learning opportunity, and may prove to be a valuable asset should you choose to pursue a career in book publishing. Because Beacon is a small press, our interns have the opportunity to observe the functions of other departments as well as their own, to work in a friendly environment, and to make a valued contribution to a highly-respected publishing house with a long tradition of publishing progressive, thought-provoking books.

Requirements: In selecting interns, we look for creative, highly motivated applicants with a strong interest in book publishing, a passion for social justice, and outstanding reading/writing and administrative skills. Previous office experience and computer skills are helpful but not essential; a commitment to Beacon’s mission is required. Familiarity with blogs and social media is a plus.

This position is unpaid, and we ask our interns to commit to working approximately 15 hours per week. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn and gain experience in a progressive, non-profit, independent publishing environment.

To apply: Applicants should email a cover letter and resume to Amanda Beiner at No phone calls, please.

People with disabilities and candidates who identify as persons of color and/or LGBTQ are encouraged to apply.

The Grassroots Jobsource connects the leaders  
of tomorrow with  
good work today.  
Here's your once-monthly jobs and internships update from Orion! From environmental education and organic farming to advocacy and organizing, if you're passionate about making change in the world, there's an opportunity listed at our Grassroots Jobsource that could be perfect for you.  

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Feel the Bern! That's what folks are saying about Bernie Sanders these days, read our interview with him about the climate, Keystone, money in politics, and more here.
Latest Jobsource Listings

Some new internships:
Felidae Conservation Fund
San Francisco, CA
Saddle Ridge Farm 
Culpeper, VA 

Washington, DC  
Earth Island Institute
Berkeley, CA 
Arthur Morgan School
Burnsville, NC

Natural Resources Intern
(veterans only can apply)
Deschutes National Forest
Bend, OR

View ALL of the current job and internship listings here.  
Some recent job listings:

Ruffner Mountain Preserve
Birmingham, AL

Organizing Representative
Sierra Club/Beyond Coal
Owensboro, KY or southern IN
Selawik Wildlife Refuge
Kotzebue, AK

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition
Washington, DC
Student Conservation Association
Houston, TX 
Food and Water Watch   
Southern CA 

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Looking for a job that makes a difference? U.S.PIRG is hiring college seniors to work as Campus Organizers on college campuses across the country. On issue after issue, we see powerful interests corrupting the democratic process, twisting public policy to serve their own ends. U.S. PIRG takes action by documenting the problems, finding practical solutions, informing the public and making the case for change directly to decision-makers. We work on fighting climate change, restoring democracy, and protecting public health. Apply online or email for more details.

What do interns with Environment America interns do?  You’ll help us educate and engage more students and citizens on the most critical environmental issues of our time. You’ll help us get our issues into the media, build coalitions, organize events and lobby decision-makers. Ultimately, you’ll help us build the kind of public support it takes to win.


We’re working to stop global warming: We took a big step forward last summer when President Obama directed his Environmental Protection Agency to develop standards that would cut carbon pollution from power plants, the nation’s largest contributors to global warming pollution. This historic step won’t be enough to fully solve the problem, but it’ll be an important start. But standing in the way, at every step, is one of the most powerful special interests in the world: the fossil fuel industry. That’s where we come in. We’re working to rally millions of American citizens, along with local elected officials and other powerful voices to back the President’s plan.

We’re making sure we don’t frack our future: Dirty and dangerous fracking could soon put some of America’s most spectacular places at risk. And we know that this especially destructive method of drilling for gas contaminates water and turns forests and rural landscapes into industrial zones – making nearby families sick and contributing significantly to global warming as well. Now, we’re working to offset the outsized influence of the oil and gas industry and keep our remarkable special places protected.

We’re working to protect our rivers, lakes and streams:  To protect our waterways from pollution and destruction we need to crack down on factory farm pollution, sewage and other threats. And we know it won’t be easy because of big opposition from the Farm Bureau, giant agribusiness and others. Now, we’re working to harness grassroots support for clean water and turn it into the political power we need to have a lasting direct impact on our waterways.

Becoming an Environment America intern
If you agree that it’s time to solve these big environmental problems, the best thing you can do to get involved is to apply to be an Environment America intern today.

We’re looking for students who care deeply about the environment and are ready to make a difference now.

As an intern:
  • You’ll learn how to analyze environmental problems, push for smart solutions, and build the public support it takes to win
  • You’ll work side-by-side with one of our organizers, learning the ropes.
  • And you'll attend briefings and trainings to learn even more about environmental issues and gain organizing skill
  • And if you’re thinking you might want to make a career out of solving big environmental problems like global warming – interning with Environment America is one of the best ways to get started. Not only will you get the training and experience you need, but we hire our most talented and committed interns to join our Fellowship Program when they graduate. 

We’re hiring interns in Boston and 29 states nationwide. Email Madeline Page, Environment America’s Global Warming Outreach Director at with questions or to apply!

Don't Let Graduate School Scare You: Graduate Application Panel
October 30, 1:00-2:30 PM
Thinking about applying to graduate school but feeling a little nervous about the process? Learn from the experts how to figure out if graduate school is right for you, how to research schools, and what makes a successful application. The first portion of the event will be a panel presentation, followed by an opportunity to ask questions and network in small groups with the presenters. Learn more and register in EagleLink.​
Ongoing opportunities:
Career Chats
Informal group advising sessions led by Career Center staff, Career Chats allow students to engage in discussion around various career-related topics with their peers.  Career Chats will be held several times per week across campus.  Come and go as you are able. See the schedule in EagleLink.​
Upcoming topics include:
  • Concerns Going Abroad and Getting an Internship?, Oct. 27
  • Science Interviewing, Oct. 29
  • Job Search Strategies for A&S Students, Oct. 29
  • How Do I Explore My Career Options, Nov. 3
Expert in Residence
Attend office hours with alumni and employers in the Career Center. This is a unique opportunity for a one-on-one meeting with 'experts' in your field of interest to ask job search questions, receive resume and LinkedIn tips, and get feedback on a mock interview.  Check the schedule via EagleLink and make your reservation for an Expert-in-Residence session, happening throughout the fall.

Upcoming visits from:
  • City Year, Oct. 23 & Nov. 3
  • Fidelity Investments, Nov. 3
  • Liberty Mutual, Nov. 4
  • Peace Corps, Nov. 5

Information Sessions & On Campus Recruiting
This is just a sampling of many opportunities available.  Visit EagleLink to see more.
  • Columbia Law School, Oct. 26
  • University of Notre Dame Law School, Oct. 28
  • George Washington Law School, Oct. 28
  • Eaton Vance Management, Oct. 29
  • U.S. Marines, Nov. 3
  • University of Southern California (graduate programs in engineering and computer science), Nov. 5
  • Peace Corps, Nov. 5

A sampling of what is to come:
Career Night for the Arts
November 12
BC Abroad: International Careers Networking Event
November 18
Nursing Day
December 7
Winter Break Opportunities
More to come soon!

B. Kevin Brown
Graduate Assistant, Environmental Studies
Devlin 213

Fall 2015 Office Hours: Monday 10:00am-1:00pm, Tuesday 10:30am-3:00pm, Wednesday 10:00am-1:00pm, and Thursday 10:30am-3:00pm