Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Senior Environmental Seminar Update

Dear Environmental Studies seniors,

We have an update on plans for Environmental Seminar (GE580), the required course for all of you next semester. We have hired an instructor, Gary Davis, for the third section, and changed the section meeting time. Here are the three sections (all meet in Devlin 201):

GE58001, TTh 10:30-11:45, Prof. Tara Pisani Gareau
GE58002, TTh, 12:00-1:15, Prof. Gabrielle David
GE58003, TTh 6:30-7:45, Prof. Gary Davis

Prof. Davis is the General Counsel for the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. He has worked as an environmental lawyer for the state of Massachusetts for over a decade. Students interested in careers in environmental law may be particularly interested in registering for this section (GE58003).

More quick reminders for seniors: If you plan on graduating in the spring or fall of 2014, you must take the GE580 this spring. You need to make sure you have all six required courses done by the end of next semester. If you have questions about the requirements, first check the ES requirements for the class of 2014, and then get in touch with ESP grad assistant Kevin Brown (at this email or in Devlin 213) or any of the other contacts listed at the bottom of this email. Recall that only one course can count toward both your major and minor requirements. Also note that the Student Services computer system does not always apply this rule correctly, so you should check your degree audit carefully.

Happy registration. As always, if you have questions, talk to Kevin, me, Tara Pisani Gareau or Gabrielle David.

Noah P. Snyder
Director, Environmental Studies Program
Associate Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Boston College
Devlin Hall 213
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

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