Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Announcements- May 24

Hello all and happy summer!

I will be gone for the month of June, but if you have any questions, do send them to the envstudy@bc.edu email address, and they will be responded to by me or Noah. Also, be sure to check out your fellow students, Natalie and Nick, highlighted here on the Environmental Studies Program blog!

Thank you and take care,

Announcements- May 24, 2011
Seniors: we have a listserv of ESP alumni. Please email your permanent email address to Kristina at envstudy@bc.edu if you would like to be added to that list. We use it to keep in touch and send occasional announcements of events of interest to you.

Hello ESP Seniors,

For all of you graduated this Monday, congratulations! As you all have an interest in environmental issues, the Boston College Energy and Environmental Alumni Network (BCEEAN) would like to officially invite you to become a member of this quickly growing and dynamic group. We welcome any BC graduate interested in energy and environmental issues to join BCEEAN—now almost 500 members strong—by e-mailing us at envrn@bc.edu. Please provide your name, class year, job title and company (if applicable), geographic location (city and state), and preferred e-mail address in the body of the e-mail when signing up.

BCEEAN is an incredible network of alumni, and hosts a number of events throughout the year. There are many ways to get involved, and opportunities to meet other alumni that share similar interests, career experience and can help to offer advice. Also, if you know alumni who might enjoy participating in BCEEAN, please circulate this website address to them and invite them to join us too! For more information on BCEEAN, visit our website:www.bc.edu/bceean.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me as well at: ebarthelmes@gmail.com. Best of luck to everyone!

Intern for Green Trade Association

Are you interested in an exciting and flexible internship opportunity for a not for profit national organization that operates in every sector of the Green Economy? The Green Trade Association, endorsed by Bill McKibben, 350.org, and Van Jones, is a community of green employers committed to creating a just and inclusive green economy. The Green Trade Association is in need of an intern who’s interested in sustainability and social justice. You will help to further our mission in preparation for our public launch in September 2011. This will include: coordinating with fundraising; event planning; communications; membership recruitment and more. Specific skills desired include social media (Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn), well-developed writing, solid computer and administrative skills. With the possibility of this leading to a permanent position, this is an opportunity to participate in a rapidly growing, socially conscious entrepreneurial environment where creativity, hard work and passion are highly valued. This is an unsalaried position. However, as the organization develops, there will be opportunity for paid employment.

If you are interested in a ground floor opportunity to grow with our organization, please contact us at: Laurie.GTA@gmail.com or call 617-251-8781. Our website address is:
http://greentradeassociation.org. Please cite the word INTERN in the subject portion of your email.


GREEN Educational Adventure Programs in Costa Rica

The GREEN Educational Adventure Programs in Costa Rica offer a unique way to satisfy your intellectual curiosity while experiencing unforgettable adventures, gaining a cultural experience, and giving back to the community though socially responsible projects. The Programs in Costa Rica are focused on Renewable Energy Education, Adventure, Culture, and Social Responsibility.

The 12-day trip gives students a chance to explore the topics of RENEWABLE ENERGY and SUSTAINABILITY through interactive lectures and exclusive hands-on site visits to functioning power plants, like wind farms and geothermal plants, and residential facilities, such as organic sustainable farms and green-centric housing developments. The benefits of the educational component are enhanced by the excitement of the adventure and cultural excursions that make Costa Rica the epicenter of EcoTourism and travel.

Students who attended this program in the past have cited it as "one of the best experiences of their life". Some have returned to Costa Rica for summer internships in the renewable energy sector. Others applied their experiences to succeed in internships and jobs in the United States.

The Global Renewable Energy Education Network (GREEN) inspires University students to explore the fields of renewable energy and sustainability. In doing so, we aim to assemble motivated collegiate minds in engineering, business, policy, ecology, and other related fields, to spark a flame of though and passion centered around renewable energy, sustainable living, and improved societal standards. Our objective is to do so by pipe-lining these students into the GREEN industry through an intensive educational program.

For additional details please visit https://greenworknow.com to watch our program video featuring students and their experiences.

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